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enchanted_lily's Journal

29 June
Personal Details:
Name: Lily Evans, she longily wished for a middle name as a child
Nicknames: Evans (in certain quarters), Lil (her mum), Lils (her dad) and freak (guess?)
Age: 15
Birthday: June 29th, 1960
Bloodline: Muggle (mudblood some would say)
Gender: Female
Wand: 10 ¼” Willow, Unicorn hair core
House: Gryffindor
Year: 5th

School Information:
Education: Lily attended Weyfield Primary School, Guildford, Surrey from aged nearly 5 till when she finished after her eleventh birthday
IQ: Lily has always learned things quickly and has been described as above average by her teachers
Goals/Dreams: Lily wishes to achieve excellent results in her OWL examinations and then move onto NEWTs. Her favourite subjects are Potions and Charms, she’d be disappointed to get less than an O for those. Longterm she’s not sure. There’s much of the wizarding world to be explored still, having missed out on many things growing up as a muggle child. She’s not really interested in a long term relationship, although can see having someone to travel with would be fun one day. As a career? She’s torn between working in the Ministry or the medical world, but there's still time to decide later on.
Likes: Her family, gaining knowledge, having fun. Her friends, especially her best friend who she can chat to about anything and does. Looking neat, having her hair gleaming and tidy, being a prefect was a great thrill. Lily likes the approval of people. She’ll naturally stick up for the underdog until there’s no reason to no longer do so. She still likes muggle music and recognises most new songs after the breaks from Hogwarts. In particular she likes the Beatles, Pink Floyd, some of Abba’s songs and a newer interest in Billy Joel. She likes going to the cinema, although tends not to do so very much now. Reading.
Dislikes: The trouble that is brewing in the wizarding world, she can’t help but worry for her parents; bullying, big headedness; a refusal to comply with regulations; James Potter, his sidekick and their pranks
Academic Strengths: She is pleased to have been top of their year in Charms in plenty of years, and enjoys the competition of being the best in Potions, although she doubts she really is. There’s no subject that can’t be overcome with a bit of work is almost Lily’s motto
Academic Weaknesses: It’s not exactly a weakness, but Lily can see little point in Divination. In her experience a flock of birds fly the way they are because the farmer’s just shot into the air, not because of an impending delight.
Currently Studying: OWLs in 9 subjects: DADA, Potions, Charms, Herbology, Runes, Arithmancy, Transfiguration, History of Magic, Astronomy

Personal History:
Lily was born the second daughter to Susan and Michael Evans a muggle couple who lived on the outskirts of Guildford in Surrey. Her older sister, Petunia, was as different in every way from Lily as it was possible to be. While one sister was blonde and had unfortunate features that could be described by the cruel as horsey looking, the other was blessed with deep red hair and features that were at least pretty.

Growing up Lily did all of the normal things as she could. She cut her first tooth round about six months old, walked just after her first birthday, was speaking her first words about the same time as other children her age, and was, as most children are, a pleasure to her whole family.

Petunia, three years old when Lily was born, had delighted in having a little sister to take under her wing, and had proudly shown her how to play tea parties, pushed her endlessly on the swing in the garden and at the park, held her hand tight when Lily disappeared into school for her first day, and even tighter to come home.

By the time Lily had reached her seventh birthday the Evans family were called to school not just to admire Petunia’s work, but to look more deeply into Lily’s. It included, her teachers had said, a talent unexpected in a girl her age. It was as if she was a charmed learner. If there was anything guaranteed to make Lily work harder then it was praise of this sort. On the other hand Petunia was unable to see what it was that made her sister so special.

As was inevitable as Petunia headed off for teenage years and fancies way beyond Lily’s comprehension such as clothes, makeup, records and boys, Lily poured herself further into schoolwork and spent more time at home with her mother.

Later when Lily’s Hogwarts letter had arrived, Susan Evans told her husband that it was a relief, that it felt to her as if a jigsaw that was her daughter had just been completed.

There were many occasions of strange happenings connected with Lily. If the meal was cooking and Lily stated she was particularly hungry then it always seemed to finish quicker than other times. Lily’s room could be tidied far quicker than Susan had ever known it possible. There had been one or two instances when she’d been as shocked as Lily was when on making a spelling mistake or a scratching out, the work had tidied itself allowing her to make corrections over an apparently invisible patch.

Far from feeling worried and concerned at their daughter being a witch, they were thankful that she would be able to fulfil her potential at the school so far away in Scotland that it took a whole day by train to go there. The pleasure and pride was of course mingled with a sadness that their daughter wouldn’t grace their table with stories of school and growing up. The thought of a set of sleepovers less, Petunia’s friends had presented themselves noisily enough for such occasions, was however quite welcome.

Armed with books, robes and supplies Lily lifted her trunk onto the Hogwarts Express towards a year of learning like she’d never had before. Being sorted a Gryffindor had little impact on her, she was unaware of the traits to any house. It was only later that Hogwarts: A History became a book she consulted from time to time. Being a Gryffindor however was quite acceptable. She learned quickly the basic skills that were required in each class, made friends with the girls in her year and who she shared her dormitory with, and took pleasure in presenting neat and thorough homework.

By the fourth year Lily was taking extra classes in Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. She’s pretty sure it was in one of those that James Potter started what would turn out to be a long, dull and tiresome chase of her.

Parents: Susan Heather Evans (nee Moore), Michael James Evans
Sister: Petunia, three years older than Lily
Magical History: None, Lily is the first witch in the Evans family
Other information: Michael Evans works in an office of the National Westminster Bank. The family are not wealthy by any means, but neither of the girls lacks for anything either. Upon Lily attending Hogwarts the Ministry of Magic arranged through the National Westminster for funds to be directed for her needs via Gringotts Bank. Susan Evans was a stay at home mum until Lily left for Hogwarts, she now works part-time in a local solicitor’s office where she worked full time before first falling pregnant

The Evans family home

Height: 5 feet 5 inches tall
Weight: 125 pounds
Eyes: Green, they are one of her most noticeable features partly because of their almond shape
Hair: Below her shoulders now, although it has been longer and shorter, deep red
Face/Complection: Lily occasionally has teenage spots, though thankfully few of them. They have tended to oblige by cropping in the holidays from Hogwarts, though she has come cream from a Hogsmeade weekend that banishes them quicker than her muggle girl friends favourite treatment. She is pale skinned, with a light smattering of pale freckles that are easily masked with another of her creams. She doesn't wear make-up.
Build: There are plenty of girls thinner than Lily, she likes food. However she’s not chubby in any way, and has a nice figure in her opinion. She's learning to chooses her clothes not to clash with her hair and her eyes (which isn’t always easy) and is growing to understand what flatters her shape.
Defining Marks: Other than her hair and her eyes, none
Possessions always with Lily: Her wand, and a book
Speech: Lily rarely swears, though she is usually quick witted and can bandy about a speedy and humorous retort easily, especially if it’s directed at James or his sidekick

Romance is for girls who have no wish to do well. Lily has seen those that snog shamelessly in the common room, the corridors or empty classrooms and doesn't want to emulate them. There isn’t really anyone who she feels a draw to. Or is there? She’ll get back to us when she decides that one finally.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: If it’s going to be anyone it’ll be a male, she knows that
Past Relationships: If anyone mentions Clive Porter when they were five years old again she’ll hex them

[This journal is fake, it is for the _imperio_. I am neither Lily Evans nor the lovely red headed girls I used for icons. Lily Evans and all the characters she interacts with are J K Rowling's creation, not mine. I make no money or profit other than fun from this journal and the communities it belongs to.]

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